Lee Sullivan trained as a wildlife and technical illustrator at Barnfield College, then spent five years as a graphic artist for British Aerospace in Stevenage, England.

He freelanced for a further five years, providing art for the advertising and magazine publishing industries; then in 1988 he was introduced to the comics world by artist John Higgins. Since then, titles he has worked on include:

Transformers, Thundercats, Deathshead, Doctor Who Magazine (semi-regularly since 1989), RoboCop (US), Wildcards (US), William Shatner's TekWorld (US), 2000AD (Judge Dredd; Mercy Heights; Blacklight; Futureshocks; Vector 13, Megazine), Radio Times Doctor Who strip, Marvel UK reprint covers, Action Man, Transformers Armada;Thunderbirds Magazine; and is currently regular artist on Fabbri's 'Doctor Who - Battles in Time'.

He regularly produces work for educational and magazine publications and has supplied storyboard art for the BBC and development designs for animation companies.

He produced character and background illustrations for BBC Cult's successful series of online Doctor Who webcasts: 'Death Comes to Time'; 'Real Time' and 'Shada' which was written by the late Douglas Adams. He has also produced art for BBCi's Sherlock Holmes stories.

In what he laughingly refers to as his 'spare time', Lee continues to frighten his wife, dog, cats and neighbours with his noisy saxophone fetish, though these days this is increasingly spilling out to venues around the land - see:


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