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is there a Doctor in the house?




Doctor Who Comic Book Art





Seven Noses of Doctor Who



sample page featuring 9th & 10th Doctors




unpublished 'future Doctor' strip























issue 7 page 1









The first issue of my Tenth Doctor work for Fabbri's 'Doctor Who - Battles In Time' magazine featured my own colouring . Subsequent colouring is by Alan Craddock. Click each thumbnail for the full page it's taken from.




The BBC's extensive website has a page featuring the animated Doctor Who Webcasts 'Real Time' & 'Shada' which I provided the art for. Click the thumbnail to go to the site. Happy viewing :)





my first DALEKS



BBCi's site also has examples of my first Dalek work . . . . click the thumbnail to go to the site.


The excellent 'Doctor Who Cuttings Archive' has scans of all the 'Radio Times' Eighth Doctor strips I did. Click the image above to go there.



and here are the posters created for the BBCi website 'front pages' of two episodes from the Ninth Doctor episodes 'The Empty Child' and 'The Doctor Dances' . . . click on the thumbnails to go to the images on their site.


Cybermen versus Daleks. That'll never happen :)


The Empty Child poster


The Doctor Dances poster art


A bit of a Dalek theme has run through my time with the Doctor, as you may have noticed . . . here's a page from 'Emperor of the Daleks'  which resurrected Dalek-Killer Abslom Daak in DWM (we bumped this long-time comic strip character off in a previous strip). This seventh Doctor story - written by a certain Paul Cornell - gave me an opportunity to reuse my Emperor Dalek design which was an amalgam of the TV21 Golden Emperor and the TV story 'Remembrance of the Daleks' Davros/Emperor;  itself a tip of the hat to the original Dalek comic strips.


Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer


If (like me) you have problems deciding which Doctor Who toys to buy here's a good site (not a shop) which reviews the merchandise available:






Poster created years ago for DWM 182 & 183's covers featuring the (then) unlikely pairing of Daleks v Cybermen.

Here colour-corrected and enhanced by Photoshop, this gives an idea of what I hoped the published version would look like - the original  reproduction  was very 'milky' due to light bouncing off the acrylic paint I used. My hope was that it would echo the Ronald Embleton 'Captain Scarlet' art from the 1960s.



For several years I drew Big Finish preview illustrations for DWM. They hark back to the Frank  Bellamy illustrations which appeared in the Radio Times of the 1970s - or at least that was my intention :)

Click on the thumbnail to the right to go to a page from my old website which has all of the art I produced to illustrate the audio adventures.

Big Finish preview illustrations page





I've had a long and happy artistic association with my favourite TV programme since the first comic strips I drew for Doctor Who Monthly/Magazine in the late 1980s.


I became particularly associated with Dalek stories which pleases me no end, and through the samples here you'll see how my style and approach has changed over the (gulp) 21 years or so since then.


Along the way I've also produced strips about the Time Lord for the Radio Times; developed a new Doctor for an abandoned SF comic project; painted a cover for Paul Cornell's 'Love and War' novel and a Dalek calendar; supplied art for BBCi's Webcast animations and preview illustrations for the early Big Finish audio adventures and cover art for two of their New Worlds books. In  2009 I completed a 3-year, 64-issue run on Fabbri's 10th Doctor adventures in 'Doctor Who - Battles in Time'.


My association with Fabbri & Doctor Who continues with the 'Flashback' pages of 'Doctor Who DVD Files' which I design and ink. Illustrator Tom Connell then uses some computer trickery to turn them into 'paintings'. The modern world, eh kids?











































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