Doctor Who

I've had a long and happy artistic association with my favourite TV programme since the first comic strips I drew for Doctor Who Monthly/Magazine in the late 1980s.

I became particularly associated with Dalek stories which pleases me no end, as I've been a fan of the programme and the Dalek strips since their beginnings, and through the samples here you'll see how my style and approach has changed over the (gulp) decades since then.

Along the way I've also produced strips about the Time Lord for the Radio Times; developed a new Doctor for an abandoned SF comic project; painted a cover for Paul Cornell's 'Love and War' which featured my original visual interpretation of Benny Summerfield; a Dalek calendar; supplied art for three of BBCi's Webcast animations and preview illustrations for the early Big Finish audio adventures and cover art for two of their New Worlds books. In 2009 I completed a 3-year, 64-issue run on Fabbri's 10th Doctor adventures in 'Doctor Who - Battles in Time' and provided illustrations for the 'Flashback' pages of 'Doctor Who DVD Files' which I designed and inked.

With the celebration of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary - and incidentally my own 25th as a professional Who artist - I've returned to the strip format with the Second Doctor episode of IDW's Prisoners of Time story arc; provided two posters for Pyramid Posters Prestige Box Set and an illustration for the next Doctor Who Annual; drawn my smallest strip ever - featuring the current incarnation - for Royal Mail's hugely successful stamps issue (in the Prestige Stamp Book); returned to DWM with a colour illustration featuring the Daleks and will hopefully complete the TV21 saga 'The Dalek Chronicles'. Two versions of my first Dalek strip are being reprinted either side of the Atlantic; I've begun working for Titan on variant covers for their Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor Who comic titles.

Each image below will take you an album of work relating to the different areas of Who I've worked on.

Teaser of my first official Peter Capaldi art - limited edition 'Who Shop' variant cover for issue 1 of Titan's Twelfth Doctor comic book series

'Next Time' teaser for 'Time Heist' (episode 5 of New Series 8 of Doctor Who) features a cameo appearance of my drawing of Abslom Daak (Dalek Killer) from 'Nemesis of the Daleks'