Doctor Who - Lost

Various 'lost' Doctor Who projects and commissions for individuals and conventions. Of particular note are the speculative 'last' Doctor strip created for a BBC magazine that never happened - 'Robot' - featuring Cybermen and a Marvel UK project killed by Marvel US which would have featured 'Two Doctors' - Who and Strange. Also featured here is the first strip of what should have been the next story in the Radio Times, which was abandoned when the strip was curtailed. There's one of my few stabs at book jacket illustration - Virgin's New Adventures 'Love & War' which I wrote a retrospective for and which can be found here: Plus one of my earliest Dalek drawings - from 1965!

Recently added - the Trading Cards that never were. At the early stages of planning, the 'Battles in Time' trading cards were to be - at least to some extent - illustrative rather than photographic. This idea was dropped, and I got to do the comic strip instead.


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