Thunderbirds etc.

Working on 'Thunderbirds' for Redan was great fun as I had been an avid viewer of the programme on its first release in the 1960s, and reading TV21 definitely sowed the seeds of my comics career. I assumed it would run for 6 months - it ran for about five years: I provided all but one of the originated strips for the title. As well as pencilling and inking, I eventually had the opportunity to provide full-colour computer colouring - the double-page spreads you see here are examples. Alongside the magazine I also provided Thunderbirds art for various activity pages in Redan's 'Fun To Learn'.

More recently I've been commissioned to produce covers for the Signum books TV21 comic-strip reprint range and Eaglemoss's abandoned partwork 'Gerry Anderson Vintage Comic Collection', with the unlikely pleasure of having my work associated with some of the real greats of that period, like Frank Bellamy, Ron Embleton and my own particular hero, Mike Noble. Below, you will find an image that Mike and I collaborated on for the first Andercon convention in 2014: Zero X (drawn by Mike) merged with a digital painting of the Orion Nebula (by me).

Mike and I subsequently worked together again on a poster for the Network Blu-ray release of Captain Scarlet and also box artwork for the Big Chief Studios Captain Scarlet 12" figure, in addition to the art I created for their entire Thunderbirds and subsequent Scarlet and Space:1999 ranges.

I'm also proud to have provided concept art for 'FireStorm' - one of Gerry Anderson's last projects which is on the way to becoming a TV reality under the guidance of Gerry's youngest son, Jamie, as well as working on promotional material and other projects for Anderson Entertainment.


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